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Our rooms are Japanese style with traditional tatami (reed) flooring and thick futons.  Our futons are twice the usual thickness, and of the highest quality. 100% wool and cotton, no synthetics.

The rooms are a good size for two persons and there are additional work and rest areas comprising more than 50sq. meters. The little garden provides additional charm. 

We are a stone's throw from Daimon, the monumental west entrance gate of Koyasan.  Koyasan is barely 4km in length from east to west.  Our hotel is 15 minutes walk from Danjo Garan, the great Pagoda, the Palace of Kongobuji, Reihokan Buddhist Museum, and The Buddhist University of Koyasan.

Koyasan cemetery, OKUNOIN lies to the far east of Koyasan and is an 8km round trip from our hotel, 2-3 hours there and back.