Travel may or may not "expand the mind". The visitor and the visited may actually be at un-stated odds. 

What forces conspire to bring us to the sacred mountain of Kobo Daishi?  Koyasan has become a "must-see" destination after Kyoto, but what will we find here, and what will we take away?

The blue 5-tier structure to the left is a "gorinto", these granite structures are way-markers for pilgrims and also grave markers. Gorinto are the inspiration behind our name "Koyasan Space". The five stacked geometric shapes, represent the five elements. The base represents earth, and subsequent sections correspond to water, fire, wind, and space, respectively. The structure's pinnacle, is space or ku, which is in the name of Koyasan's founder, Ku-Kai, and is part of our name too. "Ku" 空 symbolizes enlightenment or the culmination of spiritual practice. 

We wish all of you the very best on your journey.

May all be happy.  May all be free.